"One great secret of becoming wealthy is to uncover the real cost by looking ahead. Put each buying decision to the test."

The economic landscape continues to shift, and younger people are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, let alone plan for their future. With most school curriculums omitting how to balance a checkbook, budget, or pay the bills, most young adults are expected to figure things out in a trial by fire, which often ends with unpaid bills, credit card debt, or worse. Written by a long-time financial planner, this book is designed to offer loads of simple and practical tips that young people can establish as habits before or shortly after heading out into the world on their own. Teaching the value of time, avoiding major purchases that carry hidden costs, and common misconceptions that can prove to be expensive mistakes, this manual is an efficient, quick reference guide that every young person should read before managing their own finances.

Each chapter builds on the knowledge covered in the previous ones, focusing on only making truly necessary purchases, establishing savings early, and analyzing the hidden or long-term costs of any seemingly good deal. This format keeps the information relevant even if it outpaces the reader. For example, a chapter or two might be good for teenagers just starting their first job while living at home, whereas the whole book is more pertinent to college students out in the world on their own. The teaching approach is direct and uses simple, real-world examples like purchasing a car versus using public transportation to illustrate many of the larger concepts and ideas. The author’s rich professional experience married with the simple delivery to reach the target audience creates a text that is universally useful but also straight to the point. Parents should consider this required reading for any older child.

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