A Mother's Voice: A Book of Reflections
by Lisa Morley
Trafford Publishing

"After the sun sets and earth's covered in darkness; We know in the morning the sun will rise."

This is a reflective compilation of a mother's tender impact on her children. Strong themes of prayer and prioritizing family over material wealth are prevalent. For instance, "The Joys of Being Poor," Morley's opening poem, is a heartwarming reference to a foregone time where children would spend most of their time exploring the world outside rather than what is commonplace now: sitting in front of a television or computer screen and living a virtual reality. In the poem, the speaker envisions an alternate reality where kids pass the day with their friends and siblings "searching for the rainbow's end" or playing hide and seek and climbing trees.

A strong sense of nostalgia permeates from the poetry as the speaker reminisces on both her time with mom and being a mother herself. Without a doubt, Lisa Morley's extensive experience and expertise with children, raising seven of her own, makes this collection extremely credible for mothers and mothers-to-be. From learning the value of money while shopping at the grocery store to cooking with mom, the narratives in these poems are filled with family fun time that often gets lost in the hectic daily lives of today's society.

It's not money, but the moments that should be precious to a family. Moreover, the poems describe a sense of appreciation for having these moments. Consider the poem, "Driving Blind," where grandparents are on what is essentially a driving duet: the grandmother is blind and the grandfather has stiff feet so Grandma pushes the pedals and Grandpa steers. Reading this collection, while short, will make audiences feel warm and will send them down their own paths of memory lane.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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