Motivational Phrases for All of Life’s Challenges!
by K.J. Roberts
Trafford Publishing

"“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won." -Winston Churchill

The idea that good things come in small packages is a thought that comes to mind when reading K.J. Roberts' slender volume of motivational phrases. This classic truism not only applies to the size of this intimate collection, but more importantly reflects the positive messages evoked throughout the book.

From General Patton to Michael Jordan, Winston Churchill to T.S. Elliot, Nietzsche to Tom Hanks, the author has gathered an array of memorable quotes. Compiled over thirty years, the inspirational words were initially used by Roberts as a tool while training for competitive Olympic power lifting. Ultimately he found the quotes to be a source of strength when facing life challenges such as health issues, and dealing with the death of a loved one. With that point in mind, Roberts chose to share his collection with the hope that readers will find the selections both empowering and beneficial when coming to terms with their own struggles and adversities.

Roberts, a native Brit who moved to the US in his teens, is clearly a fan of Sir Winston Churchill. Nearly a third of this compact book's quotes are from the renowned British leader. Prime Minister Churchill was known as a great politician and orator. His legacy continues with insightful words that run the gamut from humorous to triumphant. As a statesman his phrases often evoke leadership and progress. Overall it is a sensibility reflected throughout the positive, affirming quotes chosen by Roberts.

"It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations." While this particular Churchill quote does not appear in this book, it certainly seems an apt dictum. Perhaps familiarity with the phrase led Roberts to the challenge of presenting this intimate "Motivational Phrases" compilation.

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