Motives: Your Key to a Successful Future
by G. Gilbert Cano
Trafford Publishing

"Most people spend more time planning a vacation than they do planning their lives."

In the spirit of his mantra, “do better,” Cano has compiled an aggregate of self-help philosophies to help society reach their full potential. With over three decades in sales, he transposes his progression of technique selling (a more rehearsed method) to consultative selling (more authentic and rapport based) onto any other field and any individual. More importantly, the mindsets of prominent figures throughout history, from Galileo to Coolidge, are easily accessible to all audiences; there is something for everyone to make a change in their lives, to improve, and continue to evolve into their optimal selves.

At the core of Cano’s premise on motivation is the importance of accountability and to constantly both expose one’s self to knowledge but also to apply it into action. Whether the focus is on behavior modification, improving self-esteem, or increasing confidence, how one thinks is the root of self-improvement and discovery. Thought can yield a life of mediocrity and comfort zones or a life of unlimited growth. While life is clearly not an exact science, a formula that equates to a life plan combines attitude, desire, and commitment. Morphed together, the trio results in action. Three primary laws work within this construct: belief, attraction, and expectation. Combined together, you have the basis of motivation.

Throughout, Cano goes beyond simply providing quotes. While the quotes provide those in search of motivation a one-stop-shop for inspirational content, Cano also has a concrete action plan. At the end of the work, there are numerous activities and self-appraisal tools such as Likert scales to help individuals examine any area of their life in which they seek improvement. Cano’s work is easy to read and deep beyond its simple messages. A read through during times of adversity or uncertainty is sure to rekindle the flames of purpose and action.

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