Musings of a Military Maverick
by Yoginder Sharma
PageTurner Press and Media

"Taking over command is like summiting a peak. The challenge may be in the climb but the command tenure is the exhilarating culmination at the apex."

Sharma’s intense and detailed narrative of his decades-long career with the Indian military is full of amazing feats. It also tells the love story he shared with his “soulmate,” a “beautiful Greek girl” the young Indian Army officer met in Gaza in the summer of 1958 while both were serving with the United Nations Emergency Force, deployed at the Sinai Peninsula to keep the peace between Israel and Egypt. Her name was Despina, and the two were wed in 1960. Later, she was anointed as ‘First Lady’ of the Grenadiers, the esteemed familial group with whom Sharma served. “She had long wanted me to write this account,” says Sharma, “for posterity’s sake.”

A high percentage of the information in this book is technical in nature—specific to the characteristics of a career in military assignments. It is worth noting that readers who have a special interest in military life, combat, and related matters will likely gain the most enjoyment from this reading. There is no doubt the author is accomplished and well-qualified to tell this tale. Further, several features of Sharma’s work serve to raise it to the level above one’s “ordinary” take on military life. For example, the entire book is complemented throughout with the plentiful use of old black-and-white photographs of the unique adventures the author undertook in the forces. Photographs of brigades, battalions, and award ceremonies are shared right alongside more personal photos of the author and his wife. Readers interested in personal stories borne from a lifetime of military service will find much to savor here.

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