My Boy Jesus
by Ted Erekson
Trafford Publishing

"My heart swelled with pride and I wanted to yell out, 'That’s my boy Jesus!' As we left, both Mary and I thought what an incredible experience it was to see our son in the temple asking questions and feeding on the word of God."

Erekson's debut book is the unique retelling of the Christ's life story from Joseph's perspective. This picture book spins the story of the conception, birth, and life of Jesus, all seen through the eyes of his earthly father, Joseph. Starting with Joseph's betrothal to Mary, Erekson describes the events leading up to Joseph's birth, interjecting ideas and feelings Joseph might have had at the time.

Erekson includes all the traditional elements of the Christmas story, including the visits from the wise men and shepherds and then goes on to narrate Jesus' childhood. Erekson adds childhood anecdotes that are not found in the Bible; for example, he describes Jesus' first attempt at building something, which turns out to be a very lopsided table that Joseph has to help him fix. Other stories include the times when Joseph lovingly pulls splinters from Jesus’ small hands. These additions lead to an interesting development of Joseph's character, transforming him from a peripheral biblical character to a father with a wide range of feelings, making him likable and easy to relate to. Joseph's pride and love for his stepson are evident in this story, which help the reader to consider how difficult it must have been to be Jesus' stepfather.

The story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations by the author's wife. They depict everything from the trip to Bethlehem to Joseph teaching Jesus carpentry and their addition make this a wonderful book to read with children. Erekson's retelling of the Christmas story is touching and inspiring, making it easy for readers to focus on Christ during this holiday season.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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