My Extraordinary Life
by Monica Sucha Vickers

"That would turn out to be a recurring theme throughout my life: 'Try it first and if you can’t do it, then ask for help.'"

Telling her incredible story in this autobiography, the author presents her challenges and relentless positivity living as a congenital triple amputee. The oldest of seven children, Vickers knew that she was different but never gave in to self-pity. Following her birth and childhood, she spent summers on her grandparents’ farm, contributing to chores and enjoying the simpler things. As she grew up she underwent various surgical procedures and prosthetics before settling on a wheelchair. Undeterred by any challenge, Monica finished high school and college, found true love and married, and currently works as a medical transcriptionist, handling life her way and doing as much as she can on her own, including driving a car.

With an incredible life to share and plenty of heartwarming and personal moments in every chapter, this autobiography is an inspirational, entertaining read. Full of personal and family photographs that bring her story to life, Vickers takes the memoir formula and adds some interesting twists of her own. One of the most interesting and unique parts about this book are a pair of chapters near the end that feature supplemental points of view to the story the author tells herself. The first includes comments from her siblings and her mother about the events covered in the book, while the latter contains snippets of interviews conducted with the author’s friends and family. In this way, the reader can learn about the author firsthand but also hear what the people around her think of her life, her attitude, and her story. With a powerful message, a strong voice, and some creative additions, this is a wonderful book for any reader interested in a positive life perspective.

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