My Journal: The Book of ME with Insights
by Jason H. King
Trafford Publishing

"As long as you have breath and are conscious and walking these soils there is still hope."

With a combination of freestyle flows, stream of consciousness beat poetry, and self-reflecting philosophy, the author uses his turmoil and history to reach out to others who feel the same way he did growing up. Primarily focused on a dialogue between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the twelve chapters focus on various motivators and the dichotomy between masculine and feminine, pragmatic and emotional, or fears and strengths. A combination of new-age philosophies and Biblical lessons, the primary lesson is one of harmony and love between all things by balancing all aspects of human existence, whether positive or negative. Even though "Lefty" and "Righty" spend time arguing and taking credit for different things, when they strike a balance between each other, they know just how necessary and valuable each other's traits are.

The conversational language and urban tone is sure to resonate well with troubled youths and teens, creating a spiritual dialogue and outreach that's not too preachy but more empathetic. The author is able to blend poetic, hip-hop-inspired rhymes right into Biblical quotes, offering a unique look into one man's strategy for staying positive and making the most out of life. Very personally charged, the book skirts around specific details that shaped the author's life, alluding to personal demons and at times delving into them to get across specific points about having the right influences and keeping goodness in the heart at all times. Whether reading to capture another unique human perspective on life or to consider steering a loved one away from trouble and dark influences, this title is a fascinating read.

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