"Just love around you, you don't have to go far to see that the world is miserable and in need of something. That something is our God and creator who is reaching out to us in love."

In a heart-rendering outpouring of her love of God and of mankind, author Arnett shares the story of her life and all that brought her to the place that she now occupies in life, that of Bishop in her evangelical Christian church. Ms. Arnett did not have an easy start in life. Born a month premature and weighing only four pounds, it was possible that she wouldn't survive, but her mother told her that she was a fighter, and she endured these physical trials. Raised among a family of sharecroppers in the rural Arkansas in the 1950s, her struggles were far from over. Her father, a functioning alcoholic, was also at times abusive toward the family and eventually murdered by a lady friend. Her mother, who was bright, tiny, and loving, did her best to teach her children what their worth was through her love for them. From the most humble of beginnings and the most difficult of times, Arnett was able to rise up and triumph in life, all due to the grace of God.

Arnett presents her life, as difficult and heartbreaking as it was at times, in a positive way. All of her experiences have helped to make her who she is today. The author's deep love of God and her Christian faith come through in her deeds and words. The narrative is deeply felt, emotional, and full of evangelical fervor. The result is a true story that is sure to inspire any person who is striving to find God in their life, and it will stay in their hearts and minds for a long time to come.

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