My Life of Rhyme
by Chris Month

"If only, if only, if only
If I could correct each mistake
But death won't allow for do-overs
'Cause life gives us only one take'"

This is a collection of poetry that reflects Month's observations and reflections throughout life from the innocence of childhood well into experiences of adulthood. The book is divided into four different parts: "Longings," "Potpourri," "The Tackan Years," and "Melancholy." Each section focuses reflections and observations from different moments in Month's life, such as inspirations from her career as a teacher and the relationships she garnered during that time. Through Month's words, readers are able to see into a deeper side and sometimes darker side of life, including the horrors she suffered during the Holocaust. Her poems are written, almost like a memoir, to reveal the things in life that made her stronger.

It is evident that each poem within this collection is chosen with extreme care and consideration to ensure the overall flow of the collection fits with Month's vision. Some of her poems leave quite the sting and a feeling hurt, while others are uplifting and cheerful. With each poem included in this collection, readers get to see a portion of the poet's life and come to the understanding of what helped shape Month into the woman that she is. Many of her poems regarding life and love address issues readers are all too familiar with: "Familiarity breeds contempt/ And even lovers aren't exempt."

Her words hit close to home and make her reader sit back and reflect on their own past, present, and future. Month reaches her readers on a personal and emotional level, and her words draw out those emotions and feelings from her readers. Her poems about the Holocaust play on emotions readers didn't realize they had. Some poems are longer up to a page to two, while others are shorter with only a few lines. This is such a compelling collection of poems that readers will find themselves coming back time and time again.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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