My True Colours: A Mother's Strength
by Hannah Francis

"I am twenty four years old and divorced with four children. Living on my own with four children is my only option."

Lauren was the leader, more outgoing and headstrong than her twin sister Lorna. After a dark event changed Lauren’s life, roles started to reverse. Lorna became the popular and daring sister while Lauren turned inward, trying to shield herself from any more pain.

When older, Lorna dated freely while Lauren didn’t prefer to date at all. With much persistence from Lorna, Lauren finally agreed to go out with Zitty, whom she later nicknamed Ziggy, which resulted in a long-term relationship in Lauren’s life. The couple married, but only after Lauren’s pregnancy. This is when Lauren learned the true abusive nature of her husband. However, she still desired a large family and reluctantly had three more children with him. The abusiveness got worse with each child, leaving Lauren in fear for her children’s lives. This fear finally forced her to leave Ziggy. She created a stable life for her children, purchasing and remodeling a home while going to hairdressing school and opening a beauty shop. Lauren still dated on and off but learned that true happiness could only come from within herself and through the love she had for her children.

Francis begins the novel by detailing how one event, one second of time, can change someone’s life forever. While Francis’ captivating character, Lauren, does turn her life around, the abuse she has to endure first is heart-wrenching as the reader comes to relate to situations in Lauren’s life as well as Lauren’s overpowering desire to become a mother. Through this novel, Francis shows to women that, no matter the circumstance, a woman can have that innate desire for motherhood fulfilled and successfully raise her children with or without a man. She gives hope to women stuck in an abusive relationship and gives understanding to those who are not, creating a bond with all her readers.

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