The Mysteries of Prayer
by David Jean Alain Mutamba
Trafford Publishing

"Now I will share with you what I call the secret formula of prayer contained in the Bible."

And that is exactly what Mutamba does in chapter five of this interesting new approach to prayer. He provides an actual formula that he derives from Biblical verses and scriptures. He uses textual numbers and scripture numbers to accomplish this.

David Jean Alain Mutamba is a man of God who demonstrates a sincere desire to teach people how to pray. He draws from both the Old Testament and the New Testament to illustrate his instructions and to provide evidence for his findings. He regards prayer as a wonderful gift, one not to be taken lightly or to be misused.

Whether a person is seeking a request, healing, a demand or a desire, the author provides instruction and references to accomplish those goals. Depending on one's belief system, these can be very helpful or somewhat confusing. However, there is no doubt that the author has put a great deal of thought and effort into making these various tools available to the reader, the seeker and the believer.

Mutamba concludes with a prayer of his own for the reader. "May your life be a trophy display brought about by victorious prayers!" He cites Psalm 116:1-15 as one that can become a song of victory as the "Lord brings joy to your soul."


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