The Mystery of Joyful Sex
by Laura Scott
Trafford Publishing

"Intimate massage enables us to uncover our sexual potential."

A professional erotic massage therapist delivers couples from "sexual fast food" by sharing hundreds of intimate ways for men and women to enjoy each other's bodies. Far from a cold, clinical manual with pages of sexual acrobatics, Joyful Sex stresses the importance of a strong emotional bond between couples to heighten the pleasures of physical intimacy. Feelings of safety, comfort and trust are just as important as knowing the four classic ways of holding a penis, the forty-four techniques for massaging an erect penis, the thirty-five ways to massage a woman's breasts and the art of cunnilingus and fellatio. With well-organized and to-the-point prose, Scott shares techniques for delaying male orgasm and using your G-spots as well as tips on effective accessories and setting the mood. Practical advice on treating erectile dysfunction and jump starting a woman's libido blends a kind, nonjudgmental tone with the scientific know-how of a licensed clinical sex therapist.

By emphasizing the healing properties of intimate massage and sexual release, Scott attempts to legitimize erotic or intimate massage parlors and to distinguish erotic masseuses from prostitutes. Her logic seems more wistful than convincing, but in no way negates the usefulness of the book. The voice of experience rings true and is supplemented by a glossary and bibliography. Scott's point is clear and well presented: Intimate touch, properly applied can open up a couple's mind and spirit and release the healing bath of endorphins. Any couple's health and life can be improved by reading and practicing these sensual techniques outlined by a professional erotic masseuse.

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