"’We are representing the sheriff’s office and need to inspect your premises since it was discovered that terrorists are in Naples. We don’t know anything specific about this restaurant, but these are very bad guys and could be anywhere.’"

The author's story consists of two friends—each of them partnered and in some type of human service work—who are vacationing in Naples, Florida, for a couple of weeks. Ted is an FBI agent, and his wife, Sherry, is a police lieutenant in NYC. Steve is a political officer at the American Embassy in London, and Steve's fiancée, Bronwyn, is also an embassy employee. But they are called into action for suspected terrorist activity. It appears that these terrorists want revenge for the killing of General Qassim Soleimani. The book then focuses on the protagonists guessing where bombs might be planted. They receive help from the area's two-person bomb squad. Coping with COVID-19 at the beginning of the outbreak and understanding the terrorists through some basic history figure into the book's background. The book continues to reveal the horrors of terrorism.

This is an easily read book about timely topics including terrorism and the coronavirus and how and where the virus began. The vocabulary and phrasing reveal that the book is probably written with middle school children as the target audience. However, the storyline might be better suited for older adolescents and adults due to the nature of the violence. It is a feel-good read for those who enjoy mysteries that focus on right versus wrong and good versus evil. It also looks at whether murder in any form is justified, including the murder of terrorists. Overall, it is a quick read. Children and adults who are fans of light mysteries dealing with contemporary problems may enjoy this book.

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