The Naturally Good Man
by Rod E. Keays
Trafford Publishing

"Males are completing one task of their role and the time to find a new sense of purpose is already here."

In this unflattering examination of the gender roles of society throughout history, the author proposes that we have reached a point culturally where men must determine how they can contribute in modern society. With the eventual dismantling of privilege and inequality, men's role as a provider and decision maker is being diminished and the need for obsessively competitive behavior is over. By reviewing the goals and behaviors of men at key points in history, the author determines that men should not look at these changes as crippling, but rather liberating to pursue one's own interests and create social good rather than to keep up with the Joneses. By the end of this book, readers may have a more accurate understanding of the cause behind their actions and should have a clearer path with what path to take on their life moving forward.

Part thesis, part history lesson, part autobiography, and part self-help, this book has its roots in the author's experience in the Men's Studies Movement. Regardless, it takes a hard look at the mythopoetic approach and points out how therapeutic it has been for others while also being damaging and isolating for others. Though billing itself as a book in Men's Studies, all readers can learn something in terms of living by First Principles or achieving a healthy degree of autonomy in one's life. Whether you are looking for answers to questions in your own life or just looking for a fresh perspective to social issues, this title will prove to be an interesting read.

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