Necessary Evil
by Aaron Baker Cole

"'What sort of individuals, do you suppose, would deal with members of the clergy in such a selective and deliberate way?' the priest asked."

Billy Hawkins knows he is a little different from a young age. An abusive relationship with his mother's boyfriend forces Billy to take matters into his own hands, and he quickly recognizes his ability and strength, thus setting the course for his life. As a young man aware of the abuses within the Catholic Church, Billy makes a radical decision to use his abilities and enter the priesthood, where he gains access to the suspicious clergy who have violated absolute trust and abused their power. With the aid of the powerful Monsignor Montalvo, Billy is enabled to enact his plan of revenge and make right from wrong in the world. And on his trail is Detective Sergeant Paul Jans, watching his every move.

Cole's novel is a direct response to the allegations of abuse that has shaken the Catholic Church in recent years and like Jeff Lindsay's, Dexter Morgan, Cole gives us Billy Hawkins, a character that we quietly cheer on, while knowing we could never do what he does. Billy is tired of watching a beautiful world become so corrupted and is unafraid to carry out his personal plan of revenge by any means necessary. The guise of a noble career in the priesthood allows Billy to position himself perfectly where he can seek out and confront those men of the cloth who need to face their sins. While we may applaud Billy's efforts, Monsignor Montalvo is a perfect balance to Billy, a man fatigued from the weight of conscience who reminds us of the burden of guilt.

With chilling and precise detail, Cole's novel takes the reader through Billy's calculating plans of action and the novel picks up in the second half with a showdown across the border and a final manhunt for the vengeful killer by the FBI.

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