Need For God in Human Society
by Joseph Borowitz

"We humans must be part of a group of people united with God and especially His Holy Spirit."

As a college teacher who has been a faculty advisor for a student prayer group, Joseph Borowitz draws upon his personal experience and that of many others to present his belief that we must invite God into our lives in specific, practical ways. God was active in Biblical times when people were presumably more primitive than they are now; yet with God’s direct guidance, they were able to organize themselves and live by moral rules. To include God in our daily existence, prayer and faith are important. But it is also crucial to meet with other believers, read scripture together, and share stories of God’s influence. The author did this with his students and others and applauds the organization of similar, sincerely directed groups. He projects this need onto national and governmental bodies, as well, stressing the need for religious principles to guide society as a whole.

Borowitz quotes from the Holy Bible as might be expected but uses other resources, as well, such as the inspirational stories in Guideposts Magazine. His writing style is logical. He provides an index for his narrative. His erudition and research are evident in his wide-ranging commentaries. He explores tenets of both Catholicism and Protestantism, provides a detailed overview of Islamic history, and examines the damage done by drugs, alcohol and mental illness from a spiritual as well as medical perspective. Though he himself has strict religious principles, he expresses openness to more liberal contexts for Christian belief as long as the element of group sharing is included. The salient message of this book is the author’s conviction that meeting to pray, read, and talk about God, both in small groups and large, organized services, will strengthen us and provide a positive impact for others.

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