Never Had a Chance to Say Goodbye
by A. Mohit

"We are all fellow travelers, spanning the width and breadth of the same planet, breathing the same air. Race, creed, and religions are artificial barriers that prevent intimacy only between the ignorant."

Bringing together a number of characters from around the Middle East to show how easy it can be to overcome differences, Mohit weaves together a story about the developing power grid of Abu Dhabi and the personal dedication of each man to the others. The differences between the characters are deep—spanning regions, races, cultures, and religions as each man attempts to be the best person he can be according to his own faith and traditions. Friendships are formed quickly when men are thrown into a working position with each other and all in unfamiliar territory. This is reflected with sensitivity and a great deal of insight as the main characters of the book are slowly brought together, each with his own backstory and area of specialty.

The story will appeal most strongly to those with some technical background. Mohit is knowledgeable about the engineering work required to start up and maintain a gas-generated power plant and desalinization plant and is generous in sharing some of that knowledge with his readers. At times, it almost overwhelms the characters themselves particularly as more characters are brought into play. While this level of technical detail does play a role in the plot, those who are not so oriented might wish the author were a bit less generous. An occasional typographical error is easily overlooked in the beauty of the underlying message of creating a loving and supportive community. The development of this community has a significant impact upon the outcome for both the individual characters and the city at large.

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