No Innocent Affair:
Making Right The Wrong of Adultery
by Edward F. Mrkvicka Jr. with Kelly Helen Mrkvicka Tate Publishing

"I try to follow the example of Jesus in His ministry–He said what He had to say and then moved on. He made good use of His time by seeking to give the truth to those who truly sought the truth."

When it comes to taking on the issue of adultery, Mrkvicka doesn't beat about the bush. He also makes no excuses for his staunch understanding and forthright discussion of the sin. Mrkvicka points to the problematic fact that many people underestimate the seriousness of adultery because they view it from a secular perspective, and to reinforce the severity of the act and the harshness of its consequences, he dedicates a complete chapter to scripture that clearly defines the seventh commandment. Once there can be no doubt remaining that adultery is worthy of eternal damnation, Mrkvicka goes on to explain why the only way to repair the terrible damage that adultery causes is through true repentance and how God can help to bridge the gap that has been wrought.

Mrkvicka draws on several real-life examples from his experience as both a lay preacher and a counselor, to illustrate the decisions and consequences of those who have forsaken the sanctity of their marriage for an adulterous relationship. But rather than judge these people or impose upon them his own personal opinions, the author references the Word of God to not only highlight the sin of adultery, but also to signpost the road to true repentance. Mrkvicka relentlessly drums home the high price of adultery, for the sinner, his/her spouse and their children, forcing the reader to face the consequences and take responsibility for past and future actions. This powerful book is for any true follower of Jesus who has ever contemplated or committed adultery, and for those who would help them regain eternal life with Jesus.

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