No Salvation
by Jeffery Hess
Down & Out Books

"Porter had only one chance to win them over."

In 1972, the Vietnam War was full steam ahead. It was a time when the war was not only running rampant, but prejudice, inequality, and racial tension were at an all-time high. Based on the true stories of the USS Kitty Hawk and USS Hassayampa as they sailed through the South China Seas, Commander Robert Porter is at the helm of the fictional USS Salvation trying to navigate his crew to safety. Morale is at an all-time low, and Porter has been brought in by the Captain in an attempt to tidy up the ship’s crew, much to the crew’s chagrin. Porter must try to bring order as the war outside rages on, bringing a series of violent plane attacks from above and unrest in the cabins below. All of this is happening while he tries to figure out whether he received his position due to his qualifications or because of the color of his skin. Can Porter bring peace amongst his crew, or will the war outside bring this ship down?

This historically-based tale gives you just the right amount of fiction you need to keep your focus while giving you the historical details you’re yearning for. It really throws you onto the USS Salvation with the rest of the crew, feeling the tension alongside the rest of them. It allows for a closer look of what it was like living during this period in time from the perspective of those not just on the battlefield but on ships such as this lying in wait. Readers will find themselves rooting for Porter as he tries to balance the political unrest in his ship as well as the encroaching war outside.

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