No Mad
by Sam Moffie

"No matter where you go, there you are."

In his third novel, Sam Moffie takes readers on an impromptu road trip that proves transformative for the protagonist, Aaron Abrams. A moderately successful author, Aaron Abrams makes a living writing fiction. What he never imagines, however, is the incredible plot twist which will derail his own life. After learning his next novel will be his most lucrative yet, Abrams rushes home to share the news with his loved ones only to discover his wife in the arms of another: his brother. Rather than exact revenge, Abrams packs a bag, nabs the family dog, and chooses the road.

Headed on a journey across the United States, Abrams travels along highways and airways, as well as the corridors of times past in his "way back machine."  A teacher, father, and soon to be ex-husband, Abrams also quickly becomes a nomad and learns to simply enjoy the ride. And for Abrams, that ride happens to include a fair dose of sexual escapades, drugs, and rock and roll. But as his father always said, "No matter where you go, there you are," and no matter where Abrams goes, he makes the most of it.

No Mad takes a good-natured look at failed matrimony, middle age, and empty nest syndrome. Moffie's novel evokes humor and optimism as his hero embraces life's pitfalls and learns to "roll with the punches." Often nostalgic, Moffie's novel also proves relevant as he explores issues such as corporate monopolies, politics, commercialization and their effects on "independent thinking and acting people"—people like Aaron Abrams.

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