by Hawk MacKinney
Wandering Sage Publications

"There's a fine line between the blood-heat of battle and the mating tango."

Craige Ingram is an Ex-Seal who joins with two of his former anti-terrorist unit comrades to solve an enigmatic murder. The situation soon escalates into an international intrigue, with secret spy agencies and assassinations popping up all over the place. Encrypted codes and computer files uplink with satellites, cell phones, and rockets to help portray how today's interconnected society can be hijacked for high stakes and terrorist manipulation. It takes trained soldiers with both bravery and brains to keep one step ahead of them. Ingram and his pals, Spinner and Gray, have both in spades and are not afraid to use them. They follow the leads to an unearthed tomb in the Middle East that dates from before the Kingdom of Sumeria.

What connections this ancient tomb has with modern day terrorism unfolds with the action-filled plot. The author's use of language carries us into the minds of these men where the testosterone flows and the muscles pump hard. Their characters come into bold relief as we see them bypass obstacle after obstacle, so often in the shape of another law enforcement bureau. The essentially libertarian ethos at the heart of their motivations is the perfect foil for the despotism of the terrorists and criminal masterminds they face. Neither faction is concerned with bureaucratic niceties and the writer explores this theme with a deft hand and persuasive argument.

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