O'Sullivan's Place
by Joe Robert
Trafford Publishing

"To return is all I ask"

This is a collection of Joe Robert's love poems... that wretched September, when the love she has dies like a burning out ember; poetic observations of... I have never seen a boxer box, nor never a pincher pinch. But I have seen a pointer point and creep in, inch by inch as seen in the poem "Criters" or another night in a dreary hotel, he'll fill his quota tomorrow, you never can tell as found "Occupations" or Someone may say at my wake, "I'm really glad that I did know him, and oh his friendship I did partake as seen in "Misc"; and a sampling of songs he has written and performed... None of my boots are made of leather, my feet get wet in rainy weather, but at least I got two feet to put' em in to.

Admittedly influenced by Wordsworth, Keats, Frost, Sandburg and Dr. Suess, Robert's—a retired special education teacher from central Fllorida—has assembled a charming gathering of well-crafted and enttertaining poems. Having written his first poem in the sixth grade (included in the collection)... Oh two lives I wish I had. Roberts has evolved into part poet, teacher, storyteller, humorist and keen observer of life with the poetic chops and enthusiastic ability to effectively merge the clarity of the intention of his words with the candor of his interpretations.

From the delightful and engaging forward, written by Robert's author/friend Joseph N. Mazzara, to the closing chapter of engagingly eclectic songs, this colleciton will not only draw readers in, but indeed inspire them... to return. A joy to read and experience, indeed, readers will be glad they did partake in the journey, that is the life of Joe Robert's.

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