Observations on Chaos
by Helen Slade
Trafford Publishing

"In uncrowded moments when solitude's my bliss
my memory is retrograde with thoughts that reminisce."

Artist and poet Helen Slade depicts the chaotic nature of human life through stunning paintings and words that will put life in perspective and ignite thoughtful discourse on a variety of topics, including life, nature, people, places, and science. Interestingly, Observations on Chaos addresses contemporary issues such as violence and war, neglect and destruction of vital planet sources, sexual evolution (e.g. pornography, carnal desires) and the increasing mental disorders permeating through society.

Many of the poems in the collection will impel readers to pause and reflect upon their own actions and expectations from life. Chaos runs rampant, be it the constant turbulence from work, relationships, etc; however, Observations on Chaos allows individuals a moment of silence and rumination wherein they can be at one with his thoughts.

While "Sexual Evolution" adamantly opposes sexual fantasies and "mechanical sex," the poem "Misunderstanding," captures the spirit of common conflicts in relationships. For instance, the exasperated speaker states, "I am not a mind reader/I Have to be told/then I know the choices /and my direction unfolds." Perhaps the most intriguing poem is "Discourse on Depression," which delves into the history of depression and the various disorders and addictions that spawn from it.

Slade's poetry on nature is just as riveting, particularly "Nature's Chaotic Balance," and "Ruination." Both poems strive to deliver the same message: beware of upsetting nature's balance; the result will be turmoil. More importantly, if human beings don't see the "folly of power, ego, and greed," history will only blame them for creating a monster that can potentially lead to the end of civilization as we know it.

Helen Slade's Observation of Chaos is masterfully written and deals with contemporary issues facing society, making this book of poetry a must read.

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