Oh, Susannah
by Ruth Callick

"The same vicious monster that’s now after you did a number on your brother first, after he attempted to blow me to bits."

Cade Candlewood is determined to protect his partner’s sister, Susannah, when the past catches up and is out for revenge. Susannah’s life is in danger when an escaped convict, put away by Cade and his partner, threatens to torture and kill her. Susannah, on a girls’ trip with friends, has a close call with the killer and then is suddenly taken into protective custody in a secluded cabin alone with Cade. Cade and Susannah have a history of spurned romance. He rejected her advances when she was younger, and she is bitter and resentful towards him even as he now tries to keep her safe.

Susannah’s stubborn, strong-willed nature plays perfectly against Cade’s tough exterior and determined desire to protect her at all costs. Callick develops a strong chemistry between the two characters as they pass the time in a cabin growing closer as danger hovers nearby. A dangerous encounter with teenagers attempting a home invasion, a wild, wounded wolf, and the sinister, vengeful enemy himself keep the suspense strong and interrupt, at well-paced clips, the quiet idle of the cabin in the woods. Just when things seem calm and safe, brutality arrives at the door with bullets flying, wolves attacking, and uncertainty ever present in the air.

Fast-paced and well-plotted, Callick’s story is effortless and satisfying from the opening pages to the heart-pounding finale. Violence lurks in the background of every scene, keeping the reader unsettled, on-edge, and turning pages furiously to settle the endgame of the hunt. Callick creates the thrilling action with mild descriptions of violence that won’t offend the faint of heart. As an added bonus, the unexpected protector in the end will have readers cheering out loud.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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