Olaf’s Stone: Book One
by Charles W. Jones

"When they were all gathered, the report showed an amateur video taken before the first explosion. It showed two people walking up to the house, followed shortly afterward by FBI agents."

Olaf travels to Sweden in order to spend time with his aging grandfather and learn more about a special legend that his grandfather recounts in small pieces each time his grandson visits. Little does Olaf know that he is a person of interest because of his family's unique history. As he travels, agents follow him, tracking his every move, placing themselves conveniently beside him on airplanes. When he reaches his family's estate, Olaf doesn't realize that his presence on the estate brings danger to his grandfather's doorstep, nor does he know that the power of the secrets his grandfather is about to share with him will hold the potential to change the course of humanity's future and the fate of his family.

In adventurous prose, a tale featuring a top-secret lab in the hands of a long-standing lineage comes to readers with Cussler-like precision. Readers enter a fantastic world of alienesque technology, Bond-like espionage, cover-ups, and dangerously exploited personal and professional relationships as both readers and characters navigate international locations and the inner workings of government agencies. With its post-pandemic setting in which people still struggle to understand how society has changed, this book engages in environmental conversations in its portrayal of how the Earth has stood up to humankind by healing itself and revealing its deepest, most obscure, and mystical secrets to only those it trusts with them. This book takes readers into a not too distant future where technology and humankind must unite for the betterment of all. With its Dr. No-like drama and action, this book will surely appeal to both sci-fi readers and espionage devotees.

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