On the Edge of Life: Prophecy
by M. Blackthorn

"Rabolii tore the letter angrily and smashed his fists on his desk."

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but hiring a necromancer may be a more efficient and successful option. All joking aside, Blackthorn weaves a dark fantasy tale revolving around a young man named Arkenel. Arkenel only wants to please his father, Rabolii, who is the high king and necromancer over the country of Krumeria. Unfortunately for him, his father doesn’t return the favor, trapping and torturing him in a prison for seven years just because he can. Arkenel’s desire to please and serve his father takes him down a path of choices that he cannot take back.

Blackthorn weaves an intricate high fantasy tale set in a world where the dead don’t necessarily remain that way for long. The author develops a complicated relationship between Arkenel and his father, a parent who shuns his child for reasons that are neither fair nor true. Rabolii’s hatred towards his own son, as well as the neighboring countries, creates a political nightmare for Arkenel and his family.

While the story is a quick and entertaining read, the font used for the text makes it somewhat difficult to read. However, this should not deter someone from reading this tale of political intrigue and betrayal. The author’s dark world is full of complex and intriguing characters. The ending leaves the reader to ponder the choices that Arkenel made and makes one wonder if there is still a future for the protagonist outside of Krumeria. This entertaining and bone-chilling tale will appeal to those who relish high fantasy that ventures into the dark side.

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