One Almighty
by S S Sunner
Workbook Press

"The wise one will find union with the Lord."

Composed of both prose and poetry, this book of highly personal spiritual praises, contemplations, and reflections is emotionally charged with the passion of the truth seeker. The book opens with a melodic plea for readers to “pretty please read it, give it a shot.” A series of fifty-five poems written in couplet form, most of which are praise verses, follows. For example, the author states, “Truthfulness is itself a goal / truthfulness can play a big role.” Next, a section consisting of sixty-two short devotions is designed to enhance one’s spiritual study and aid in the pursuit and development of one’s spiritual life. Concepts such as, “They will know the compassion of the Lord, who, through His Grace, Praise Him and meditate on His Holy Name,” reinforce and direct the reader’s faith.

It is evident that this work is the fruition of the author’s personal calling. There is a sincerity that permeates the work and renders its voice authentic. Though a slight language barrier causes some problems with comprehension in the poetry section, dedicated readers won’t be distracted by the dropped pronouns and articles. Any ambiguity disappears in the book’s prose section, and meanings become clear, even if not always orthodox. Each of these concise devotions is filled with wisdom and encouragement to assist and guide readers in their journeys. Readers will certainly find much to admire and valid points upon which to ponder within these pages. Sunner’s prose holds up nicely and offers a thoughtful collection of devotions for people of faith.

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