One More Dance
by Valentine Cardinale
Outskirts Press

"So far he had managed to avoid contact with the police.... If only he hadn't lost his cool that night..."

Widower, Julian Case, enjoys attending a wedding in Italy, especially meeting and dancing the night away with university professor, Alegra Rossini. Winging his way home, he can't get her off his mind and plans to see the lovely woman again. Such thoughts are put on hold when he arrives home to find his son, Leo, almost beaten to death. Family, employees at Julian's real estate firm, and close friends rally around as a father vows to not only protect his family but find out who committed this crime and why.

What happened that night at the party Leo threw for friends and misfits? Why has Leo connected with the lowlife fringes of society? Can it be a beating initiated by Jumbo, a friend with mob connections? Is one of Julian's past clients using his son for misguided revenge? And who is this new friend Rosie? As Leo clings to life, Julian scrambles to make sense of a myriad of unanswered questions. Along the way he recaptures his love of family, his sons and daughters and, sees the possibility of eventually including Alegra and daughter, Caprice, in this circle of life.

This author has combined an intriguing mystery with a budding romance and added a large dose of family reality to create an unforgettable tale. His excellent use of dialogue draws readers deeper into the storyline and offers new understanding of each character. Prior loss, fear of death, and the need to solve this strange mystery are the ingredients that create a new dance for all involved. The challenge of seeking out clues, the developing love story, and changing dynamics of family, brings this novel to a satisfying conclusion. Readers will close this book with a smile and a hope that Valentine Cardinale has a follow-up in the works.

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