One Man's Life and Thoughts
by Chuck Johnson
Trafford Publishing

"We took our vows together, and we swore to live as one/We knew we'd face some troubled times and couldn't turn and run."

Chuck Johnson explores various elements of life in conjunction with his own existence and experience. These elements include, but are not limited to the Christian faith, vengeance, the sanctity of marriage, old age, loss, and solitude. Each poem is heartfelt and addresses the entire spectrum of life: the good and the bad. Interestingly, this compilation also gives a one sentence credit to the event or individual that inspired the poem.

While a number of poetic devices and rhyme schemes are utilized, the anthology exudes a distinctly narrative feel with its extended, paragraph-like format. From poems such as "Vengeance" and "If Life were Fair," to "The Marriage Vow," Johnson's poetic style adeptly captures the highs and lows of life in writing. Looking at the big picture, this collection epitomizes the journey of life through good times and bad. The one constant throughout, however, is one's faith in God; this notion is prevalent throughout. In "Apology" and "Wayward Son," the author demonstrates the power of forgiveness and the ensuing hope for healing one’s pain.

One of the most compelling of Johnson's collection is "Salvation," which helps to redirect an individual toward faith and serves as a corrective lens, removing the blur and haze from life and clarifies one's purpose. In the "Sound of Silence," which proposes questions to man's mortality that are undoubtedly running through the depths of one's mind.

With nearly one hundred poems, One Man's Life and Thoughts will appeal to the masses. For many, it will soothe and comfort, while others will find a ray of hope or truth that has the power to change the course of each individual's life.

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