Our Magnificent Afterlife: Beyond Our Fondest Dreams
by C. David Lundberg
HeavenLight Press

"Many have forgotten that we are spirit, temporarily inhabiting human form."

Award-winning author Lundberg follows up Unifying Truths of the World’s Religions with a well-researched and thoroughly referenced text that instills belief in the earthly bodies governed by the fear of the unknown. Lundberg tackles complex concepts and comprehensively unpacks them to better facilitate audience understanding.

As on earth, the afterlife has a series of focal points: free will, knowledge, love, purpose, and justice. In particular, the central location is Summerland, akin to the Garden of Eden and described as the midpoint between earth and the true heaven. Lundberg’s use of Summerland imagery, punctuated by the grandeur of cathedrals and the eternally-flowing, spiritual energy of water is captivating. The afterlife is multifaceted, both ornate and structured for the soul body to shed itself of its attachments and embrace its divine version, liberated from all illness and disabilities. As the souls complete the life review process, where the focus is on the intent of one’s actions rather than the action itself, they become more cognizant and empathetic to their negative actions on earth. The author’s description of “like attracts like” in reference to purgatory and hell is just as engaging: though the cruel will get a chance to cleanse, the cleanse would consist of feeling the same pain they wreaked upon others.

Perhaps the most intriguing element of Lundberg’s work is the notion of chakras and multiple deaths, beginning with the physical body, then the vehicle of vitality, and finally the death of the soul body that will ultimately provide entry to the higher realms of divinity. Overall, Lundberg pulls from a myriad of resources, including those who have had near-death experiences to help audiences embrace their fear of the unknown. This book, by its very nature and depth, will spark thought-provoking conversations that make it a surefire must read.

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