"“…Arthur is the only one who cares for you, Amy, and is the only one who can help you in this place."

Young teenager Arthur Pye suddenly finds himself in a cloud of gloom and realizes he’s in someone’s Land of Heart. Readers of previous volumes of Allen Scovil’s The Parables of the Game Master will be anticipating stirring surprises in Part 3. Arthur must rescue Amy, who caught the attention of Game Master Jesus when she was prayed for in church. Arthur must show her that she is loved so she can extricate herself from the dangerous realm she landed in after too many video games and zombie movies. But how can a boy talk to a girl about love without sounding creepy? After much guidance, Amy learns how to elude her captivity and overcome her demons, gradually absorbing the remarkable idea that someone really loves her. In the plot mix are lies disguised as truths, magic tricks to set doubters on the wrong path, and a dark secret about Amy that Arthur discovers after he has, to his astonishment, fallen in love with her.

This enthralling fantasy is infused with concepts of divine love and salvation. Canadian Scovil believes religion can trump techno-toys in his books for young adults. He has a penchant for descriptive naming: bad guys include “Pride-of-life” and “Guilt-layer”; forces of good are “God’s-Majesty” and “Wonder-Counsellor.” But even with God’s help, there is free will. Amy must truly want to banish her demons, while Arthur must persist even when the enemy seems overwhelming. This competently composed saga includes illustrations by Teresa Scovil and a brief recap of Books 1 and 2 to help new readers join in the flow. Scovil’s well-thought-out, action-packed series is overtly and daringly Christian. It will appeal to teens of that faith and might draw in other young readers with its fast-paced, twisting plot and engaging characters.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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