Outside the Box: A Wind of Change
by Pietro Barbara
Xlibris AU

"The first step is a universal change in thinking and a real universal ownership of the problem."

In this time of social transition and conflicting idealism, the author of this book presents sometimes radical, sometimes traditionally founded, and always common-sense ideas for how to move Australia into a position where it is socially and economically responsible to itself and its citizens. With two dozen diverse topics covered—from health insurance to religion to the Australian flag to cryptocurrency—the design of this book is to look at these complex issues in a new light, approaching them in a way that politicians are often too intimidated to do in fear of stripping their own power or polling numbers.

Anyone who believes that there are solutions to the complex problems facing Australia or the world at large will have much to consider as they thumb through these proposals and observations for the modern world. Each of these essays is short, written in plain English, and easy to digest. The author spends only a brief amount of time on each topic, just long enough to identify the issue, present his perspective, and propose one or two potential solutions that he has thought of, admitting that these may not be the ultimate solutions but at least serve as a springboard for brainstorming.

Readers outside of Australia may be unfamiliar with some of the specifics, but many of these concerns are universal. Likewise, the solutions would apply in virtually any country where these struggles or deficiencies occur. As such, anybody looking to propose progressive ideas on a local, state, or federal level can make use of these suggestions, if not to address the concerns of the populace, then to at least identify them. Simple and easy to read, it is refreshing to have such serious concerns laid out directly and addressed without overcomplication or a close-minded perspective.

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