Over the Storms of Life: God’s Word and Covenant Promises Prevail
by J.O.Y. Aladetan
Author Reputation Press

"The Word of God is power and can pierce through any barrier. It can split the rock and quake the depths of the sea."

Author and evangelist Aladetan examines the biblical theme of God’s promise and fulfillment. He seeks to assure readers that, though they may be tested by the painful trials of life, they will also be rewarded, comforted, and uplifted. In the Bible, we learn that God not only reveals His power in countless ways but also makes promises, or covenants, for those who choose to follow Him. It can be easy to forget, in times of desperation, that God’s grace is always available. Aladetan offers many examples, such as Joseph, who had to overcome what seemed like impossible odds, was enslaved and imprisoned, yet later rose to the highest position not just in worldly terms but in the sight of God and men. Everyone, Aladetan asserts, is a “candidate for God’s grace.” That is why is it necessary to maintain our assurance in God’s promises no matter how trying our circumstances may be.

Aladetan is described as “raised from the despised, from the mud, mire, and slimy pit” to become a preacher and founder of a world ministry. His knowledge of the Bible is extensive. His book, though not veering from its central message, provides a thorough survey of the biblical text, with salient quotations to underpin his narrative. Though based on serious themes, Aladetan’s writing includes mild humor, such as calling his work a “life-GPS book.” He has constructed several charts to illustrate and clarify certain points, such as ones showing the differences between the first and second comings of Christ, and Hebrew names for God and their meanings. The totality is notable for posing questions and offering deep, thought-provoking answers that could well serve the author’s purpose: to reassure those in peril or oppression that help is accessible from the highest source. Aladetan’s ideas would provide an excellent focus for inspirational Bible study.

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