Paranormal Investigations: The Ghost Hunter Chronicles
by Stanley Jolet
Trafford Publishing

"They could be the angels that have been recorded throughout history as helping people and nations in their hours of need."

Take a leap of faith and find yourself in the realm of intriguing spirits and the rich, sometimes tortuous history of people and places, as Stanley Jolet's journalistic writing weaves through numerous spine-chilling haunts and he speaks to those who have crossed over. At first glance, the book shares similarities with the popular film The Conjuring; however, Jolet's conversations with these spirits appear to be in good nature and rarely ever threatening.

This novel is less a tale of spirits and more about Stanley Jolet's spiritual journey. Using a relatively inexpensive EVP device, the author captured three-minute sessions in which spirits revealed myriad facts, ranging from the truth about their death to the brutality with which the widely reputable Creole aristocrat Madame Lalaurie treated her slaves. While readers may initially be doubtful of the credibility of the transcripts within the text, Jolet leaves nothing to doubt by providing an audio version of the transcripts on his website,

Paranormal Investigations feel like a virtual ghost tour that takes readers from haunted Louisiana bed and breakfasts like Laurel Valley, Woodland Plantation to ghost tours of the Lalaurie House and encounters with spirits of the Caribbean and Europe. The audience will rarely feel that nervous anticipation of horror. On the contrary, they will be mesmerized by the detailed historical accounts of haunted places and its residing spirits.

Jolet has done a commendable job in compiling details and building credibility in an area that is sometimes known for its lack of credibility. Instead of fearing the spirits, he shows their intelligence and ability to converse coherently with the human world. Some may believe what's within the covers of the book, while others may not, but it will undoubtedly provoke questions and change some minds regarding the spirit world. Nevertheless, the extensive research and experiences that formulate the book make it an interesting read.

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