Party Girl Nurse's Journey
by Victoria Godwin

"I don't believe it [addiction] is a can be influenced by others..but God is stronger than anything Satan can do."

Party Girl Nurse's Journey doesn't sound like a religious-fiction title, but the book is just that. Words like "hope," "church," 'thankful," and "God" are prevalent. Inspired by the book's spiritual overtones and first-person writing style, readers might find themselves wanting to hold the main character's hand and help her on her journey.

The main character, the "party girl," is an upperclass beauty, growing up with everything but the maturity to know how to handle admirers. She makes a plethora of bad decisions while exposed to seemingly all walks of life as a young nurse. Finally, she settles down and has a family. The bad times just keep rolling in however, as loved ones become involved in drugs and drag others in. The Barbie and Ken (and four handsome children) fairytale family is not what it seems. Like a television drama, affairs, abortions, and drugs are all woven into the plot; some characters overcome, and some never come clean. But, this is a story of faith, so despite all the trials, readers are repeatedly reminded by the narrator that the guiding light of God is there for the faithful.

Like J.D. Salinger's Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye, the first person stream-of-consciousness works well, but in this book, we are taken through the angsts of an entire lifetime, not just through the awkward stages of youth.

The writing is excellent, this and the smooth flow of the story makes Party Girl Nurse's Journey a quick and easy read. Though a work of fiction, clearly the author, like the main character, has strong religious convictions and reminds readers at every turn of the plot that we are guided by a higher power. Through the narrator, Godwin also counsels readers to be tolerant: "People are often afraid of what they don't understand and tend to judge others."

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