"If we were absolutely convinced that we had a place to go after our death, we would probably not be as upset as some of us are. And maybe the whole point is that we need to learn to trust that there will be such a place."

A book of 122 pages, the premise is about the afterlife, near-death experiences (NDEs), and how to cross over. It is organized in four parts: 1) What is the Afterlife?, 2) Dreams of Flying, 3) Preparing to Cross Over, and 4) Envisioning the Afterlife. There are 40 short chapters as well as an Introduction, Appendix, References, and an Index. These chapters include exploring your own ideas of an afterlife, the author's personal experiences of crossing over, dreams of flying, the documentary entitled Soul Proof, quotes from other works regarding the afterlife, how to prepare for the afterlife, proof of the afterlife, exploring another dimension, NDEs and the tunnel and light of crossing over, God and the afterlife, and hope. The Appendix discusses the "consensus of opinion on afterlife characteristics." This is a simple read of the passing on of our consciousness into that of the afterlife. The premise is that we never really die, as the only death is physical not spiritual and that we can prepare ourselves in numerous ways for the afterlife. The author relates her own stories throughout the book, which offers a personal insight into this work.

At times, the narrative is written beautifully in the descriptions of bliss, peace, forgiveness, joy, and beauty, both on earth and what others' have described in the afterlife through their NDEs. The work about how to prepare for the afterlife, such as reading, meditating, being in nature, and praying, is helpful as is the Appendix with its focus on afterlife characteristics. However, the book sometimes over-generalizes the afterlife, for example that all NDEs reveal only an afterlife of joyfulness when some accounts reveal it as traumatic, dark, and horrendous. This basic text may appeal to novice readers, including its focus on how living a blissful life on earth can transcend into the afterlife.

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