"Our batons completely describe our life's efforts and define who we are."

This book is the first in a series designed to instruct people to give proper end-of-life care to loved ones. Spanning the time of diagnosis all the way to the final moments, the instructions within are designed to evolve and be flexible enough to suit any condition, temperament, or circumstances. In this first volume, emphasis is given to the kinds of supplies one ought to have on hand for providing loving, considerate end-of-life care. The supply lists are broken down into three phases, separated by how independent and mobile the recipient is. Each chapter is more than just a list however, as it goes into some detail about what challenges one might have to face in providing care and how each item can be utilized properly and effectively.

By going beyond a simple checklist of necessary supplies, this book becomes a must-have staple for anyone providing in-home care for a dying parent, friend, or any loved one. Attention is given to the needs of both members of this sometimes awkward or confusion relationship of caregiving. Instructions are given to the caregiver of things to look out for and ways to maintain a degree of individuality of functionality while devoting attention to somebody else. Providing a list of necessary supplies and ways to prepare for major life changes is a great place to start a book series like this, as readers will know right away what they will possibly need, the reasons why, and how best to use those items. For readers who feel uncomfortable leaving loved ones in hospice care or nursing homes, this series will prove to be a godsend in order to make caregiving less stressful and more about demonstrating love to someone in a time of great transition.

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