"Religious visualizations are easy to imagine emotionally as we have heard them so many times as children."

Author Moses offers a way to revisit past lives through self-hypnosis. He grew up as part of the only family of Christians in a Hindu village in India. Though Hinduism was all around him, his parents were strongly evangelical and urged him to study the Bible. Coming to live in America, he gained certification in electromyography and hypnotherapy and began conducting workshops on Jesus, yoga, and meditation, leading him to explore in depth the concept of past life regression. He developed techniques for self-hypnosis that can also be used for meditation. He presents dramatic examples of self-induced excursions into biblical stories. Imagine, for example, that you are the woman condemned to be stoned to death for adultery and whose fears are released by the grace and wisdom of a man called Jesus. Such visualizations can potentially engender inner peace and confidence.

Moses’ ideas are innovative and practical, employing techniques diligently detailed in this book. As a devout Christian, he explains his sincere belief that by venturing mentally into the historical world of the Bible, imagining oneself as a disciple or observer of Jesus, one can experience the blessings of God’s wisdom and strength. The steps he has devised include relaxation massage, repetition of certain sentences, and reliance on one’s religious faith as a basis for trust. Much of the book concentrates on the author’s personal Christian convictions, but it seems logical that his techniques could be effective in regressing into any historical context that offers comfort and wisdom. In line with this possibility, Moses stresses the general need to control emotions, utilize the power of prayer, and “discover the future and know the past; your ancestors are within you.” His method holds out the hope of spiritual solace to anyone open to the twin disciplines of self-hypnosis and past life exploration.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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