"Our special characteristics that make us different from one another are not as important as the fact that we’re all Americans."

In a political climate that is becoming increasingly heated and hostile, this mixture of autobiography and political science gives readers the author’s perspective as an Assyrian immigrant who takes great pride in her identity as an American citizen. Beginning with an appreciation and explanation of Assyrian culture and its accomplishments, the author then examines the current state of the region and what life was like for her and her family before moving to America. Following that is a full list of American presidents, including their accomplishments and the history behind their election at the time. The final three chapters of the book showcase life for those who live as American immigrants, take pride in being an American, and encourage a lifestyle that is traditionally moral in order to get this country back to a prominent place on the world stage.

Using her personal perspective and historical fact in tandem, the author of this book is able to share with the reader a deep love for the American way while also lamenting the ways in which she believes the country has lost its way. That approach creates a book that is multi-faceted: at times personal, full of details about the past, and offering advice from someone who has an experienced comparison to make for how to restore America to its former glory. The vast amount of historical data in this book forms a basis for readers to judge America’s past with its present and its lifestyle with that of Iran’s. A book like this is ideal for someone who wants to be inspired by patriotic feelings or understand how America has changed since its independence and even through the last few decades.

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