Peace Be Upon Islam
by Dr. Abdelfattah Moshen Badawi
Trafford Publishing

"True religion does not kill the happiness of the human individual, but enables the human individual to rise above sorrow."

Peace Be Upon Islam by Dr. Abdelfattah Moshen Badawi is a short text, whose density belies its content, which explains the teachings of Islam, specifically Sufism. Dr. Badawi presents the material in a malleable, approachable format that is not intimidating nor inaccessible. His writing is similar to that of a personal lecture or home instruction provided to the reader in the comfort of an any easy chair. The personalized discourse is not didactic, but instructive without having the author's moral choices imposed on the reader. They are merely detailed and provided on a silver slaver for consideration.

Dr. Badawi stresses the transitive properties of peace, love, and understanding, which are able to be communicated through various religious beliefs. The end truth of them all is the same: Do no harm to any one. What is very interesting is that Dr. Badwi quotes the Bible, the Torah, and the Quran throughout his book. He uses both texts as references for his teachings and speaks of the universality of all world religions and the positive forces they propose. Yoga and Islamic prayer positions are compared; teachings of the texts of all of the world's major religions, even contemplating the purpose of religion as a whole for the post-modern, twenty-first century man living in the midst of our current, transient existence.

The author continues, exploring the etymology and definitions of the words we as contemporary people assume we know, such as "religion," "faith," and "self." The author expands on the common interpretations of these words, the affect they have on people when perceiving them, and speaks of the raising of one's consciousness to see beyond primary and basic assumptions. He re-tools the use of these definitions and applies them to his teachings and beliefs. A book essentially examining the positive within Islam and all religions, this brief but fulfilling text can be applied to anyone who has a caring and beating heart.

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