Peace from Insanity
by Jesse M. Arzate

"While life becomes like a pendulum
swinging between insanity and sanity."

Arzate’s second book is a collection of free verse poems that begs the question of what is to become of our humanity? Here, he seems to be working through an inner anguish, a personal plea to God, perhaps, in search of a way out of the darkness that entraps us on Earth.

With his poems, Arzate contemplates a mixture of dreams and fears. In “My Faith” he sadly ponders the familiar segregation of humans versus living in a collective existence. “Peace” is an appeal to prove the poet wrong that peace is unattainable. “Black Rose” subtly hints that sometimes darkness is strong enough to penetrate the light. “Love” beautifully conveys the juxtaposition of the wide availability of love to those who lack it. And the title poem, “Peace from Insanity,” is a prayer for a potential peace that awaits in the heavens, a life free from the unceasing destruction of earth.

Inspired early in his life by the works of Robert Frost, Arazate seems eager to follow the same path as the famed poet. Like Frost, Arzate’s poems are short, simple, and pastoral in nature. He is a keen observer and reflects deeply on human fallibility, highlighting the harshness of a world that clashes between good and bad. With measured thoughts, his poems are pieced together carefully by each word and phrase, clearly articulating the musings and emotions of the poet. Arzate is an artist disquieted by greed and ruination which relentlessly push the ideals of peace further out of reach. It seems that only through these poems might the author somehow attain the tranquility he seeks by being another compassionate soul helping to better the world.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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