Peccant Luther and A Tale Told By A Sleeper
by James W. Mintz 
Trafford Publishing

"I have found that I can attack and deride unpunished this Satanic, dollar-crazed nation into which my mission in life has thrown me. With it I can ridicule and mock this land with which I have long considered the abode of Satan himself."

As a sleeper agent, Luther Buck Fama, whose real name is Alin Ahmed Sharif, walks among his American friends enjoying the very parts of American culture that he is sworn to hate. He has a rich, white, southern wife, a daughter he adores, American friends, a job as a faculty member at American University, and access to young women who seem unguarded against his middle-aged charm. But with the murder of his daughter, he is soon snapped back from his new found reality into complete madness as he begins to recount in his writings the entirety of his existence; to carry out the plans of Sudam Hussein himself. With ties that lead all the way back to the dictator’s family, Fama leaves a trail of blood including his own wife and ultimately his daughter.

This novel is a definite page turner that gets right to the action from page one. It combines decades of well-woven theories and realisms about sleeper cells and terrorism both designed to alter the American way of life. It uses well-documented histories of the wicked regime of Saddam Hussein as a basis to build a web of stories blurring the lines of truth and fiction. It also explores a different side of terrorism through the eyes of one of those who has been deemed a martyr of Allah since an early age. While the book is action packed and timely especially considering the state of American relations, the layout of the text features gaps and intra-word spacing that distract the reader from what is ultimately a very intense collection of stories.

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