Perception: A Novel
by Jack Sinclair

"That’s what Sam was hoping for—that the people chosen by the citizens to do this kind of stuff would realize that they were not doing enough. Maybe then, he could go home and resume a ‘normal’ life."

Sam is a young man embarking on a dangerous task—making the world a better place by taking down those he deems as the ones who make the world a wretched place. Sam takes on drug cartels and their leaders, at times even entire governments, in order to do what he thinks is right: helping those that these entities eventually harm. However, as Sam takes on the largest project of any that he has ever undertaken, he begins to realize that what he wants most is to return to a normal life. As he pursues his goal and enlists the help of his talented family members and old friends, Sam battles against not only those he deems evil but also a system that ties his hands and even himself as he struggles against all the odds to finish what he knows is right for the betterment of humankind.

This book takes readers on a journey of James Bond-like espionage and mayhem while exploring deep family ties. As it examines one young man’s pursuits—and his family’s contributions, devotions, and sacrifices—to make the world a better place, it also humorously examines the intricate relationships humans form with one another and how they use them for better or worse. At its core, however, this book asks readers to consider what efforts they would go to and how much of themselves they would sacrifice in order to make the world a better place. Also, in a time of cybersecurity awareness and anti-terrorist efforts, this book examines how easily technology and humanity’s intentions with it can be manipulated for good or for evil. Readers of the Jack Reacher series will appreciate the espionage and crime elements of this book, while readers of novels like The World According to Garp will appreciate its humor.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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