Persona Non Grata: A Novel
by D. C. Grahame
Orewa Storytelling Company

"'I’m not a hero.' Hades replied. Firing a second bullet into Kane’s shoulder causing the large man to shriek in pain."

In the coastal city of Kingsland, England, two families vie for control of the criminal underworld. James Vinyar and Isaac Kane are behind much of the city’s illegal activity, but, eventually, the two men come into direct confrontation, an event which results in James being killed in front of two of his three sons: Indy and John. The Vinyar boys live off James’s pension while Isaac’s control of Kingsland grows unchecked. When John kills one of Isaac’s sons after an underground street fight between the two of them, John disappears for years, only returning when Indy gets knocked out by a stranger on a dark street. Kane’s men come for John again when he returns to Kingsland, so Indy decides on exacting justice his own way: soon a costumed vigilante the press calls “Hades” is patrolling the streets, harassing Kane’s enterprises.

Though it takes some time to accelerate up to full speed, this story of familial revenge and vigilante justice turns into a nonstop thrill ride by the second half. Reminiscent of classic comic books or modern superhero movies, this story tells the origins of a boy raised around criminals who grew up to have an unshakeable sense of justice. As Indy becomes Hades, he transitions from a manic-depressive and awkward young man into the only thing protecting a city from complete and total corruption. Chock full of family drama, martial arts, and gunfights, this book becomes impossible to put down once it hits its stride. Packed with surprises, action, and some unpredictable twists, this is a dark, edgy crime novel with a flair and style as iconic as any comic book.

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