The Pink Bra Archaeologist
by Edward Curry
Merlin & Associates

"Evidently, the ancient Maya or Inca had no desire to have these temples exploited and they decided to throw in a few roadblocks to deliberately kill or discourage intruders."

Trouble, especially during explorations of ancient structures in foreign lands, hangs on to Ryan Keshaw like a shadow. As a sequel to Curry's heart-stopping adventure The Temple of the Two Jaguars, The Pink Bra Archaeologist grabs danger by the horn and takes it to a whole new level. Keshaw is hundreds of miles from civilization when he travels to Lima to find answers to what once seemed impossible: Could the undiscovered ancient temple from their previous expedition prove a relationship between two rich cultures and traditions, the Maya and the Inca?

From the get-go, new and returning readers of the series will be mesmerized by Ryan Keshaw's easy-going and fun-loving nature. In fact, he is reminiscent of Indiana Jones in his love for adventure and exploration; however, even Keshaw understands that he may perhaps cross all the limits of danger in his current adventure. While the ignition of the novel is undoubtedly Keshaw, his antics, and his desire for discovery, there are numerous interesting characters surrounding the protagonist. Possibly the most intriguing of all the characters is The Inka, the holy man of the Inca civilization who enjoys his special Inca kola. Nevertheless, Allie Lea, Keshaw's wife and Smithsonian archaeologist, Rafael, the Inka's son, and Sara, nicknamed the Pink Bra Archaeologist, all add flavor to the narrative.

When the New Discovery, or Nueva Revelacion project is in full bloom, pictures of stone carvings and ceramics with engravings provide a reason to believe in the coexistence and communication between the Mayans and the Inca. Regardless of Keshaw and the Smithsonian group's well-placed intentions, it is apparent that these ancient cultures never wanted their structures discovered or tampered with. For those who choose to violate the sanctity of these millennia old temples, danger and likely death is imminent. Will Ryan Keshaw, his archaeologist friend senor Rafel, and the Smithsonian company breakthrough on their mission? Will Ryan Keshaw honor his thoughts and call it quits from explorations if he survives another round of the frenetic journey Curry has in store for him? A dynamic setting coupled with a daredevil lover's plot, well-researched cultural detail and entertaining, life-like characters make Curry's creation a sensational delight for all adventure aficionados.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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