A Place to Belong
by Robert A. Williams
Trafford Publishing

"Why do more people look to science for answers than to Christianity? Why does the average person seek out a psychiatrist for solutions to personal problems rather than a minister?"

While these questions may have obvious answers to those who are non-believers, they continue to trouble those that find Christianity to be a blessing. Those that hope to share what they have found with others who may be struggling with the problems of life. Through A Place to Belong, the author offers some interesting and thought-provoking answers of his own. The title itself is an introduction to many of the how's and why's people turn to God. A way to find peace and comfort is often sought, especially in times of trouble like we are experiencing today. Yet the church does not always provide for these basic needs and those who are seeking relief turn to secular help. Williams suggests the idea that, in many cases, the church has become less of a spiritual place and more of a social club that does not rely on God for direction.

The book can be read cover to cover or used to address specific issues such as "The Power of Friendship," "The Healing Force," and "Christian Availability." The common theme throughout is that there is more to being a Christian than going to church on Sunday and following some specific do's and don'ts. If more Christians would go beyond the superficial, more people would be encouraged to participate in the faith. For example, don't just send money to the homeless shelter, go down there and see what you can do to help. Practice love and acceptance. Be forgiving and gracious. A Place to Belong provides answers to many questions that non-believers may have about Christianity. It also offers a challenge to those believers who may need to learn how to "walk the talk."

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