Poem of Poems: Short Poetry
by Milford John-Williams, Sr.
Lettra Press

"Keep following the light till you reach it
Keep climbing till you make it to the top
The light will be there, when you get there."

This short work of poetry consists of twenty-two poems that encompass the human spirit. Many are deeply personal reflections on life, such as "The Walls We Face." This explores the obstacles life may present and urges the reader to "take a chance with no fear." Others are observations of common occurrences, like watching people as they ascend and descend "The Escalator" or recording the simplicity of the sun's movements in "Sunrise and Sunset." The poems "Be Merry and Happy" and "Let bygones be bygones" offer sage advice. "The Magnificent Dreamers" is a poem about special needs children who, though they can express joy and happiness, don't have the words to express gratitude. The heart-wrenching "A Cradle in the Dark" concerns an abandoned child. Photography is interspersed throughout, enhancing the author's work.

This collection is a tribute to the human capacity to see beauty in everyday occurrences, such as pondering the shadows as they change from morning to night, like in "Sunrise and Sunset." The author states that "Our lives are poetic in many ways when we recognize our mortal existence in this world." His work in this slight volume is a testament to this philosophy. His reflections on life are universal, yet they are decidedly personal to the author. The grammatical structure of some of the poems may be slightly distracting for some readers. However, the overall emotional aspect of this work overrides this. Meaning is here, as is the sincerity of the poet to invite readers into his life experience. For those who enjoy poetry, this book of short verse contains delightful observations on life.

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