Poems from the Heart

by C.D. Boyden
Trafford Publishing

"From his boots, to his buckle, to his hat,
He is heart, he is soul, he is determination.
We call him Cowboy."

Approaching the subject of love from virtually all angles, this collection of poems all share an amorous attitude and influence. From familial to romantic and more, these poems are for anyone in search of, possessing, or reminiscing about love. With simple structures and direct imagery, this selection will be helpful for those looking for a kindred spirit, the right way to express one's feelings, or just a way to get lost dreaming about a secret admirer. Over the course of dozens of poems, readers will be treated to the author's perspectives and musings on love and the many forms it takes. Whether looking for something nice to pass along for Mother's Day or finding the right words to tell a significant other the way one feels, these poems hit the mark and go straight to the heart.

Without being pretentious or dressing up the prose just for the sake of using big words, these poems examine and inspire love in a very direct, no-nonsense approach. By writing in this manner, these poems may be helpful for some people to discover that they do indeed have a romantic side that they did not know how to express. The wide variety of commonly themed subjects give this compilation utility as well, as it can help share an appropriate sentiment for many people, no matter their role. Fans of the classic flourishes of wordy poetry may come away wanting more, but for readers who just enjoy celebrating and experiencing love, this collection of poetry captures those feelings with clarity and dispenses them out evenly from cover to cover.

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