Poems Short Stories and Things Remembered
by Gloria G. Blakeney

"...‘remember this’ the angel said,
‘You must teach the children well
for theirs the future will be.’"

This book hosts a collection of poems and short stories which the author wrote to read aloud to her grandchildren, but it is more than a children’s book. The themes that run throughout will speak to both adults and children.

Blakeney’s poems written for the Christmas and Easter holidays share values by utilizing acrostics as a fun learning tool. It is clear that she takes seriously the injunction from her “Visit From An Angel” poem to teach her grandchildren well. Poems included by some family members cover weighty topics such as the Vietnam War, depression, insomnia, and a lost pregnancy. The inclusion of hope-filled poems written by others in Blakeney’s family demonstrates that healing power flows through open communication channels. In another section of the book, the author shares a set of short stories she wrote about beloved pets and a neighborhood rabbit’s antics.

Perfect for reading to youngsters who still enjoy sitting in a grandparent’s lap, these tales further demonstrate how simple it can be for one generation to pass along a legacy to the next. Readers of all ages will know instinctively that the author dearly loves her family. It oozes like rich honey from every poem and story she wrote. Providing a voice to younger members of her clan via a published book is a generous gift that both encourages their writing skills and instills confidence.

Kudos to the author for including two end sections titled “Some Old And Not So Old 'Sayin’s'” and “Remembering When.” These add great entertainment value for sharing in a group or on social media for a community smile. Do you sometimes wish you were still part of such a warm family life? Blakeney’s 93-page book invites you in with just the words of cheer needed.

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